Why is SEO so important for startups?

Last week Michael Tanner from Dice Media Group, presented an exclusive interview. with the entrepreneurs Kody Fitzjerrells and Luke Barta from Omni digital group. They uncover some of the secrets about SEO in the retail industry and how to have a successful Iowa marketing strategy.

Both of the young thriving entrepreneurs are now specialized themselves in the area of SEO. They are currently working as Digital Marketers in their startup Omni Digital Group. They are currently using Facebook, Instagram, text and email as their marketing platforms. They have been working with a variety of companies of every size and are open to take on new challenges. They are using Facebook, Instagram, text and email as their marketing platforms. 
How to get noticed as a startup with a low budget
The way to do marketing has been changing rapidly over the years, and sparsely during the pandemic. The usage of physical mailing can be very costly and expensive and not necessarily worth the investment. The key is data. With good selective quality data over the clients, the bigger the opportunities. Look into their POS (point of sale) system and use it to your advantage. As a startup with a low budget, use methods like email marketing, text message marketing, Facebook, and Instagram ads. These are the platforms that we really help people with, explains Kody.
Data is the key
“They had a prospect that had 70 000 as their POS, they said there no way to access it.” That is wrong, explains Kody Fitzjerrells. They are holding a goldmine, it all about data. If the client has good selective quality data. Data like name, email, phone number, mailing address, day of purchase, the revenue collected per sale. All this is data that is possible to collect and can be used to target and advertise good content for the customer. Good data is the key to win digital advertisements.
Want to know more about strategies for startups? Carl Tanner wrote “SEO Strategy for startups in 2021” to the blog at DiceMediaGroup.com.  
What should the companies do as long as the COVID situation still is affecting the industry?
Luke Barta was fast to the word and had 2 key questions they will need to know:
1.      What is the product you like to pitch if any?
2.      How are the ideal customers for this product?
It is important that the advertisement is relevant for that person and not considered as unnecessary random spam. Make it relevant and make it interesting for the people that are actually interested in this kind of purchase. 
Personalization of ads gains insights and a better experience for the customer and therefore drives engagement and builds stronger relations. (sitecore.com
With the use of the existing customer base, will they be able to exclude certain campaigns? 
Luke’s example: One of the advertisements can be “10% off the first-time purchase”. Other, advertisements that can drive traffic into the website and stores. By running multiple ads targeting different customers, they will be able to retain existing and new customers into their store. If they are an existing customer, they will not receive the discount offer, but rather another type of advertisement to bring them back. 
Will I need multiple campaigns? 
On platforms like Facebook, we can select the objective of the advertisement.  It can be that you want the audience to watch a video, like, comment, or visit the website. When the objective is selected, you need to choose the audience for the ad. There are only 3 parts to any advertisement, Kody express. 
1.      What do you want them to do?
2.      How are you targeting?
3.      What are you showing them?
In Facebook and Instagram, you can select your budget and campaign level. If you want to spend $10 a day, you can spread that amount across the audiences evenly. It can be for the segment of new customers and existing customers. The ads that drive the lowest cost per click, to get them on your website, can therefore be taken down or changed. If you run multiple campaigns, it will increase the expenses but also attract more audiences.
Is it costly to invest in SEO marketing?
You can go a long way with a small investment. An investment of $500 in Facebook will actually get you more than you think, Luke explains. We have been seeing an average of 8-10 times RIO (Return of Investment) on people who are spending only $300 a month, and way up to $4 000 a month. The 10 times range is very precise, says Luke with strong confidence. 
Start where you are comfortable and then maybe be pull a little bit into it the up following month as you see the results increase and keep going. You will see the result and it will pay for itself if you just keep compounding on it next month.
Timothy Carter, the CRO of SEO.co wrote the article “Marketing Is Expensive. Is It Really Worth It?” to entrepreneur.com (2020). He explains that SEO marketing differences in price depending on what you are after. The thing that is needed to be considered is the strategy choice, the scale of the campaign, agencies and quality and experience. In the end, it’s all the nature of RIO. 
How do I make ads that does not provoke or offend anyone? 
Michael Tanner explains shortly that we all know that”… it’s easy to step on someone’s toes without knowing it.” People can often misunderstand the contend or meaning of the advertisement and be offended. Both, Kody and Luke believe that they haven’t experienced any flashbacks yet and will continue avoiding it. But how?

“Keep it simple!”- Luke Barta

They express their way of design by only using the same colors on the product in the ad. 
With just a simple background that includes the logo, name of the produce. 
This also refers to the phrase; “keep it simple, stupid” by Kelly Johnson how where a lead engineer for the Lockheed Skunk Works. This phrase became a design principle that built on Albert Einstein who said, “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.”. (intweaction-design.org) It all comes down to the point that the simpler the message is, the easier it is for others to understand it. By not complicate it, there will be fewer misunderstandings and wrong predictions.
Is Omni open to hiring new graduates?
The short answer is: Yes! They are currently hiring an upcoming graduate to their team and expect to grow. They are willing to hire anyone how is a self-learner and understand how SEO works. Kody added: 
“I don’t have any formalized education with any of this, but I understand it very well”.
With the right mindset and the knowledge of what to do and understand the market, you are qualified. 
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