Dice Media Group interview Dynamic Duo Hank and Sharyn from Yuloff Creative

When it comes to getting expert help for your business, Hank and Sharyn Yuloff come to you with a very unique perspective.
He has a 30+ year background in advertising, marketing, sales and public relations.
She is an online marketing expert and veteran human resources consultant.
This means they figure out it all out for you, from discovering your most profitable demographics, to creating effective messaging and tactics, to solving employee issues.
What that means for you is that Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions (www.YuloffCreative.com), is your complete business coaching firm, offering traditional and technological marketing plans for small companies just like yours.  They have been called “a marketing incubator, helping small business owners create a marketing path, then guiding them along that road to success.”
Twice yearly, you can attend their Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp intensive for small groups of businesses owners. They have authored 6 best-selling books on business and marketing with 3 more due by 2022. They host a weekly marketing tips radio show (www.TheViewCast.com), were marketing expert presenters in an entrepreneurial video series with Brian Tracy, and were selected "America's #1 Coaching Team for Small Business Marketing.”

If you would like a free marketing assessment of your business, go to www.FreeMarketingConsulation.com and you will also receive a 30-minute focus phone call, going over the results. 

For information on the latest Yuloff Creative Marketing Solution marketing bootcamps, go to PlanYourMarketing.com   
For information on their online Do-It-Yourself with their assistance marketing plan hybrid, go to  www.CompanyMarketingPlan.com  Get your questions answered by the Yuloffs while creating your marketing plan.